Men's Fashion Basics - Part 2 - T-Shirts

With last week’s article on fit out of the way, it’s time to get stuck into the basic clothing that every guy needs. I decided that Tee’s would be a good place to start because they are something we should all be familiar with and should be a staple in your wardrobe’s fashion diet. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let me just clarify that I’m talking about a T-shirt here, NOT an undershirt. An undershirt does exactly what is says on the tin (and the loungewear article yesterday touched on this), it belongs under your shirt so that it can absorb all the sweat and manly smells you excrete throughout the day. This is never to be worn without a shirt, ever. If you do, it’s like showing the world your dirty laundry – ‘hey, look at me wearing clothes designed especially to collect dirt, great right?. No, never. Find more info on here.

What I am talking about are the basic cotton T-shirts that can be found in any good clothing store all around the country, that come in an array of colours and different stylings. The reason I think T-shirts are so great is because they’re a piece of clothing that we should all be comfortable with, but when done correctly can give you a really classic look to your outfit. This means that you can feel totally confident in what you’re wearing, whilst keeping your outfit as simple or as layered as you want.

Basic T-Shirts

Here’s a quick rundown of the types of T-shirts available to you: –

  • Crew Neck – these are the ones with the round collars and are probably what most men out there are used to wearing. They are great at being the base item for layering i.e. with sweaters, cardigans, shirts and even other T-shirts.
  • V-neck – very on trend right now. As a beginner in fashion, try not to go for anything that has an extremely deep V, more than a couple of inches and you’re pushing it. They are brilliant because they show a little more of your neck; making you appear and feel more relaxed and they help give guys with broader chins something to sit and frame them on underneath. A grey, black and white V-neck are classic items you should have that you can rely on to go with anything.
  • Y-neck/Granddad - These are for the fashion forward guys, with Henley-style inspired knitwear and long-sleeves making a big appearance this autumn. They have a button-up section that ends just below the chest. Extremely versatile for layering as they can be buttoned to the top like a crew neck, or opened up like a v-neck. You could maybe consider having a crew-neck printed Tee as your base and then layer a bright coloured open Y-neck over the top.